The DFW adhesive film is the revolutionary solution for the protection and cleaning of your spray booth. It is a Greek innovation (PAT No 1007148GR), it is easy to install and covers 60m2 which is sufficient for the intire spray booth. The installation is facilitated by the despenser mechanism, the stainless steel rod and the plastic spatula included into the package. When the spray booth gets too soiled remove the soiled sheet and the underneath sheet appears bright and clean.

The spay booth protective film has 5 white sheets with glue on every sheet external surface that add brightness to the paintbooth while retaining the dust and masking paper if necessary. The spray booth protective film has to be installed upon a clean and smooth surface like any other sticker.

  • Save the cost of cleaning your spray booth every time.
  • Protect your spray booth from oxidation
  • Save time and money from the maintenance and preparation of the cabin!
  • Ideal solution for automotive, furniture and boat industry
  • Necessary in every modern car body shop.

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